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Century Series

The Century line of homes come standard with 1/2" finished drywall throughout the home (including closets w/inside corner trim). Other things include vaulted ceilings or 8 foot flat in HUD homes and modular. Low E Thermal pane windows, eco-friendly compact fluorescent light bulbs, 16" on center wall studs, solid oak or cherry cabinets, and much more. These homes offer the best home for the price!

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Kitchen w/cherry cabs, stainless appliances, library treatment on walls, ent. center

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ext. dormer w/rock fascia, floor plan shown in pics above

Layouts Available:

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CEC28523A                            CEI28523A

cec28523a                  cei28523a

CEC28563A                            Century 2860

CEC28563A                 cent2860

CEC28683A                            CEI28683A

CEC28683A                 CEI28683A

Century Series

This product was created to be a low cost, good built home that gives a customer crunching numbers many nice features without the extra cost. This series of homes are the best for the money spent, the plans and homes are very competitive against similar products. Any questions send us an email and we will try to get you the answers.