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A tribute to Juanita Carter. Mother, grandmother, friend and founder of Carter's Homes.

  Each day was "work" that I showed up at "the office" which was Grandmother's house, but each day I got to spend time my grandmother. I was fortunate enough to go to work everyday growing up with my dad, Neil who is the owner of Carter's Homes. Many a nights would consist of me sleeping over with grandmother and granddaddy and watching the nightly news shows. Most mornings whether I stayed the night or come to "work" with dad would mean breakfast at the kitchen table with them. We would have cereal most mornings while watching the birds fly to the feeder in front of the kitchen window or watching it snow. To sit there and have almost no conversation for most of the time to have that broken by granddaddy's perpetual, "That is the 7th time that bird has flown in to eat, see I know that by the spot on the birds chest." I always had to have a good laugh because it always seemed to just come at the moment when you expected nothing. Then in the snow days, the best part of being with them was the fireplace, where grandmother would always make sure we had hot cocoa and a good warm blanket, but she would always remind me to not sit too close.

  One of the most remembered games we played was the finding the "tater patch". Which consisted of me running and hiding my backside. If she found it she would dig and paw at my backside, although a unique story it was a highlight of my days with her. We would also play a good game of hide and seek.

  Recently, it was the joy of watching her playing with my son, Josiah. It seemed like those two had a connection that was beyond understanding and something that you just could not duplicate. He just seemed to make her world spin! Then if I did not show up with that little blue eyed boy in the morning, she wanted to know where her little playmate was. He would always want to know where "Grandmother" was, if she was gone on a trip, he needed to know where she was. Grandmother was not a great-grandmother to him, she was just as that grandmother relationship as she was to me. Eating times were monitored closely by her, if I didn't have him fed quickly enough, she was sure to check on him and ask him if he needed things off of her plate! The snacks were always sneaked. It didn't matter how much that boy had for breakfast, he had her wrapped around his finger and could get any Little Debbie he desired. The funniest part of this is how those two would try to hide what they were doing. A one/two year old doesn't always keep secrets well!! To see these two dance around and try to hide this was entertainment enough for everyday business life. A highlight as well for Josiah and grandmother was the almost weekly lunch trip to CiCi's Pizza. I think the joy of that trip for grandmother each week was seeing how excited her "grandson" got when he knew where we were going and how much pizza a boy could eat at such a young age.

  Juanita was a incredible involved person. Although only being around for 27 years, I learned how much she did throughout her life by her stories, her pictures and her friends. She was involved in community, farming, church, business and was known by so many because of this involvement. She made the Cane Creek Community what it is today, she helped make Trinity of Fairview Baptist Church what it is today, she helped make Carter's Homes what it is, a Hall of Fame dealer for Clayton Homes. I always enjoyed the stories of how poor the farm here was when they first moved here, and now if you have not seen it, it is beautiful and full of life for cattle and just sheer beauty.

   Grandmother was so much more than a grandmother to me, she was a great friend, probably a best friend and she was giving me some good quiet hints of wisdom for most of my teenage/adult life. I cherish the moments we had together, there were many of them and I wouldn't trade any of them!! I will miss her in an overwhelming sense but I am so relieved to know her recent medical ailments exist no more; she is with the Lord and sitting at the feet of Jesus giving Him praise for her life, her blessings. We will miss you grandmother but we know, you are far better off; but don't think you will be forgotten because you were precious to me and so many others.

With So Much Love,