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Information Links

  Here are some useful links that we would like to share with you in your search for a new home. Any questions please email us at

Useful home buying links

  • Norris Homes
    Norris' site can give you exterior elevations and some information about them. Most of the information that you can find on their site we have included on our site as well.
  • Clayton Homes
    Clayton's site will give you history of the company, useful company background and current company status.
  • 21st Mortgage
    Good mortgage company to research for HUD Code homes.
  •  Wells Fargo
    Good mortgage company to research for Modular & HUD Code homes. Great resource for a home buyer.
  • HUD Code
    See what the governing body is over HUD Code homes.
  • Modular Home
    Use this link to get some good information about Modular homes.

Related resources

  • Clayton Homes is a nationwide company.
  • Clayton Homes is the largest manufacturer in U.S. by volume.
  • Modular homes are built to the specific's state building code.
  • Modular homes tend to get a same appraisal value as site built homes in most areas.